Money for Makers

Launching with a common mindset that is holding you back from making the money you want to make

On Monday, August 7, I went live on Facebook for the very first time ever, and the topic of conversation: MONEY!

This is the first of a weekly conversation about money, specifically for makers. Makers are the people I have worked with for my whole life.  They are artists, entrepreneurs, small business owners, movement makers, anyone who has the itch to make something new and different – in their careers, in the companies they create, in their families, in their lives.


Join me every Monday at 2pm EST on Facebook to discuss money, makers and the math to creating the careers, businesses and lives that we envision for ourselves.

I kick off this series talking about a common mindset I am witnessing in many of the makers I work with. It's there for good reason, but it seriously gets in the way of not only making the living that you want to make, but I believe it also gets in the way of creating the work that you want to create.

Before we get to that specific mindset, it's important to recognize something essential about your ability as a creator: you have exceptional access to creative energy, flow, and the ability to make something out of nothing.

That’s what you do.

And as creators, you also know the general conditions necessary to create. You cultivate a space where possibilities are endless, where your creation can grow and develop into what it needs to become. Any limitations you place upon your creation are strategic towards its growth. And always malleable. You shift and adjust to allow that creation to become what it needs to become.

So, once again, you know you can create something out of nothing. You do that all the time.

And yet, so many of us, do not believe we can apply that same creative energy and power to money.

As I said, it’s no surprise this misconception has taken hold for many creatives. We’re taught that money and art don’t mix. That building a business is a financial gamble. That financial success, particularly in entrepreneurship, comes at a cost. These are the mentalities that we carry around with us, that have been given to us as small children, and that are reinforced many times over throughout our lives.

And these unwanted mentalities show up in our brains, in our work in unexpected ways:

  • Not setting financial goals for fear of never reaching them.
  • Telling yourself that you just want to make a living doing what you want, that you don’t need or even desire more than that.
  • Expressing how grateful you are simply to be able to do the work you love, that you’re lucky, all while scrambling financially.
  • Endlessly self-funding your own endeavors, with little to no profit.

All of this leaves you feeling powerless, out of control, resentful, jealous, incompetent, or even stupid, when you know that’s far from the truth.

So. If we are to take the knowledge that creating calls for an expansive space in which our work and creations can flourish and grow…then it is indeed these mentalities that have become the limitations directly squashing down the creative process of cultivating financial freedom and security.

As creators, we know how to think and dream big. But when it comes to money, we’re putting ourselves in a box far smaller than real growth allows.

Here is the specific mindset I’m seeing in so many talented, driven, ambitious makers:

I’ll take what I can get.

Instead of:

I create what I want.

Imagine applying the “I’ll take what I can get” mentality to your most important creative endeavors. To that business idea you’ve been ruminating over. Or a book that you’re writing. Or a series that you want to produce. “I’ll take what I can get” might get you going for a little while, but it’s not the most inspirational or empowering. It’s stifling. And chances are, it’s not going to get the thing made to its fullest potential.

So how do we expect to create a living that will not only support us, but allow us to thrive as creators, to create ALL THE THINGS that we are called to create, with a “I’ll take what I can get” mentality? It’s not gonna happen.

It’s time to create what you want.

That is the essential switch.

How do we make the switch? How do we shake some of these limiting thoughts loose?

We start by digging deep in order to raise your own awareness of these limitations you are carrying around with you. Where are you limiting your own creative process towards financial freedom and security?

Sit down and write down all your beliefs about money. The good, the bad, the ugly.
And about how money interacts with your work, your creativity, your dreams.

Write them ALL down.

Then take that step back, and really look at them. Challenge them. How true are they really? How well do they support you? 

Then, take a deep breath, and write down what you want your beliefs to be.

You are a creator, my friend. And that means - in ALL things - you create.

Tell me – share in the comments below, or write me directly – what are some of the money beliefs you have been carrying around?

What are the ones you’ve chosen, starting now?

And I’ll see you next Monday, 2pm EST on Facebook Live for
Money for Makers.

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