We don't want different. We want more.

So many times, I talk to clients and they feel detached from the possibility of what they want. It feels far away, like so very much needs to happen in order for them to get to what they want. 

It feels completely opposite from their current state of affairs. 

From just scraping by to financially secure. 
From a soul sucking job to a role that inspires and invigorates. 
From resentful and reactive in their relationships to feeling like they are in a real collaboration. 
From full of doubt and inaction to full of clarity and productivity. 

It feels so different, that it’s almost like we need to stop the train moving in one direction and turn it around to point in the direction we want to go. And THEN get rolling from there. Just thinking about it, feels scary and exhausting. 

But what if it wasn’t different?  What if it was just MORE? 

More of that feeling of cashing a check for your work as an artist. 
More of that feeling of relevance and confidence and excitement that you felt working on that one side project you took on last quarter. 
More of that feeling of peace and ease and fun that you and your family dropped into at the park Saturday afternoon. 
More of that feeling of hitting send on an email that you knew was soooo good, and had practically written itself. 

We are already experiencing our desires.
We have felt that feeling we want more of  in our lives, and it felt glorious.
So glorious, it lodged deep in our beings as something we absolutely want.
That is how we know we want it. 

Chances are, you are already experiencing it, right now, in some area of our life. 

We think we want different. We don’t. We want more. 

So, what difference does this make? What does this even matter? 

Well, it means something big actually. 
It means you are NOT moving in the wrong direction. You are very much heading in the RIGHT direction. There’s no stopping the train, no turning it around, there’s just moving forward.

You are building momentum, every day. If you allow yourself to. 

You can do that by gathering evidence of all the ways you are heading to where you want to be.  Taking note and enjoying - truly experiencing — the times and areas in your life where what you want has indeed already come to be. 

We are rarely far away from what we want. We are often so busy thinking we are headed in the wrong direction that we can’t see how close we truly are. It’s right there. 

Where in your life are you experiencing what you want more of? 
Take note, relish in that experience, celebrate it, take responsibility for it. 

There’s so much more where that came from.