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I'm Katherine Jaeger-Thomas.

I'm a certified professional coach who works with creatives who are driven to MAKE something. 

Creativity is where it’s at for me. And not just creativity in the arts, but also in the building of companies, in the making of movements, in the nurturing of children, in the manifestation of the lives we want.

Oh, and also business models. (I know, sexy, right?) But it’s true. Here's my story.

I spent 15 years supporting artists and arts companies develop sustainable financial models by raising millions of dollars as a fundraiser. I helped grow the companies of visionary leaders, and built a few businesses of my own. I’ve also been both on the inside and the outside, and I freaking love it when we hit the financial sweet spot.

But in the midst of raising money and hustling in my 9-5, I became a mother and, well, how do I put this...

Shit went down.

I was in the middle of an intense job, managing intense projects. I was super passionate but close to burning out, and there was no end in sight. I thought I was going to lose it all. I agonized and tortured myself, thinking to myself that everything I was told about becoming a working mother was true; that you really can’t have it all. And so, I walked away from that job. 

And as I was walking away, in the same breath....I was hired back as a consultant. And on top of that, I had additional clients lining up.

Suddenly, I realized I did not need to go through all that agony and that from now on, I could simply just choose MY all. So I choose family. And if family is on your list, I’ve got your back.

Katherine Jaeger Thomas Artist Coaching Creative Coaching Money Coaching New York City New Jersey

I have not always owned these.

In fact, I have turned away from each of them at some point.

I know what it feels like to deny your creative self, to ignore your financial desires in order to attain what you consider a deeper goal, or to think that you cannot have the family without sacrificing the career that you want (or vice versa).

But after lots of careful work, here’s what else I know…

We cannot deny a part of ourselves, and expect to remain whole.

It is only when we embrace ourselves in our totality, embrace our deepest desires for authentic expression AND prosperity AND a sweet life that those things actually become possible.

It's time to look inside and make what's there.

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Katherine helped me recognize the internal attitudes toward work and creativity that were effecting the ways in which I used my energy.  It was really clarifying in a much deeper way than I ever expected. 

I went into coaching thinking it would help me with my work, I didn't expect that it would really make me feel better about so many aspects of my life.