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I'm Katherine Jaeger-Thomas.

I'm a certified professional coach, and I work with passionate women and men who are driven to MAKE something.

Creativity is the pulse of all my work. Not only creativity in the arts, but in the building of companies, in the making of movements, in the nurturing of children, in the manifestation of the lives we want.

Couple that with a bang-on supportive structure that lets you and your life thrive and grow, and I start dancing at my desk.

Throw some money talk in there, and…swoon.

So, how does one end up here, with this particular set of passions?

Here’s my story:

Almost twenty years ago, I began my career in fundraising because it was the aspect of running my own theater company that felt the most inaccessible and scary to me. I was apparently very good at it, and spent years supporting artists and arts companies to develop sustainable financial models by raising millions of dollars as a fundraiser. I worked with true visionaries in the field and helped grow the companies and initiatives that would transform the landscape as we know it.

But in the midst of raising money and hustling in my 9-5, I became a mother and, well, shit went down. I was in an intense job, managing massive projects. I was passionate but near burn-out, with no end in sight. I could not keep going at this pace. I agonized and tortured myself as I considered diverting from what felt like THE ideal path.

I thought I was going to lose it all.

Heartbroken, I walked away from that job. And in that same breath...I was hired back as a consultant. With additional clients lining up, my consultancy business was born. Suddenly, I realized I did not need to go through all that agony and that I could simply just choose MY all. 

Here’s the thing, though. While I was great at what I did, and had found relative success, it still was not hitting the “all” spot. If I was honest with myself, I never in the whole of my career had felt like I had landed where I was meant to be. It was then that I took a chance on coaching, terrified that I was once again throwing away all that I had built. As I became a coach, everything started to click into place.

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This is what I’m here for: to help you make what you want to make.

The career, the business, the money, the balance, the life you want.

In my own personal story and in the work with my brilliant clients, this is what I have learned:

We cannot deny a part of ourselves, and expect to remain whole.

It is only when we embrace ourselves in our totality, embrace our deepest desires for authentic expression AND prosperity AND a sweet life that those things actually become possible.

It's time to look inside and make what's there.

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Katherine helped me recognize the internal attitudes toward work and creativity that were effecting the ways in which I used my energy.  It was really clarifying in a much deeper way than I ever expected. 

I went into coaching thinking it would help me with my work, I didn't expect that it would really make me feel better about so many aspects of my life.