Whether one on one or as part of a group, this work provides clarity, direction, and achievable action plans towards greater productivity, health, fulfillment and success. Maybe you could do it on your own, but together we kick into high gear. This can be life-changing work, and you deserve it. Not only you, but all the people around you that are going to be impacted by the work you do here.

One on One Coaching
Either in person or over the phone, weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. Book a complimentary discovery session here and I can answer all your questions, you can get a sense of what coaching is and we can talk about what it would be like to work together.

Group Coaching
Coaching in groups can be immensely powerful. You get the benefits of coaching, while sharing in experiences, learning from each other and building strong teams and communities. I offer in-person coaching for corporate and nonprofit teams, companies and Boards, as well as community and social groups. Get in touch here for more information.

I offer workshops and webinars around Leadership, Balance, Communication, Self-Care, Confidence and Purpose. Get in touch here for updates on upcoming workshops.