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I cannot recommend Katherine highly enough to anyone building a new business. She is a game-changer, in my opinion. There have been a handful of people and moments in my entrepreneurial journey that have been pivotal - Katherine is one and I have no doubt she’ll be for you, as well.

—Rebecca, Entrepreneur

Working with Katherine has supported me in re-focusing on my creative ambitions....and I’ve made substantial progress. Katherine uses a 'double-layered' approach that's highly effective: on one level it’s about identifying your feelings about yourself in relation to your career. But then once you’ve identified the more positive aspects of ways that you would like to grow, she helps you to move forward with actionable steps. Our conversations have created a supportive framework - it’s subtle but there’s no question that it’s really helpful.

—Molly, Documentary Filmmaker/Writer

Katherine’s kindness, compassion, and understanding of the fickle nature of artists are invaluable for any creative person looking for coaching. I know that sometimes I don't feel heard when it comes to artistic pursuits, so I was lucky to work with someone who had an intimate knowledge of the brains of creative folks. 

— Evan Kaufman, Comedian/Writer/Director

Working with Katherine has given me a lot of clarity about my work day. Mainly, she helped me recognize the internal attitudes toward work and creativity that were effecting the ways in which I used my energy. It was really clarifying in a much deeper way than I ever expected.

— Elizabeth, Screenwriter/Professor

Before I had my coaching I was really easily distracted from what I truly want, but I was also self-aware of that distraction and didn't know what to do about it which in turn made me feel frustrated and kind of like a loser. Katherine's coaching equipped me with clarity and tools that I use now to bring myself back to my true goals. I feel much more empowered due to that clarity.

Also: I love Katherine's laser-like focus on my goals while also somehow maintaining a flexibility to discuss whatever might be helpful in order to move toward those goals.

— Liz Warner, Musician/Leader

From our first phone call, I felt Katherine understood me and that was so striking because, as an artist, I don’t feel that all the time. I just felt totally safe and able to share with her. Katherine is never telling me what to do, or to be a certain way. She is guiding me into a new, deeper understanding, to get something that I didn’t get or see before. It feels like magic.

—Katie Lee, Musician/Entrepreneur

Katherine does not mess around. She's real, and she manages to keep you grounded while also encouraging you to dream big.

—Adina, Entrepreneur/Author