Money For Makers

Money for Makers is Katherine's weekly video series, hosted on Facebook Live, where she talks about money, makers and the math that goes into creating the careers, businesses and lives we envision for ourselves.

Join us every Monday at 2pm EST on Facebook or watch past videos below. 

Episode 1:

My first ever live video! I talk about why I am called to host these conversations around money for makers - artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, movement makers - and a common mindset that holds creatives back from making the living they want to be making. 

Episode 2

Live from Seattle, Washington, I talk about four common thoughts that makers carry with them that are holding them back from financial freedom. Oh, and what does financial freedom mean to you?

Episode 3

Taking a step back, I talk about what it feels like to consider your own financial circumstances in the grand scheme of all that is is happening in the world. 

Episode 4

Let's talk numbers! I walk you through my Top 10 Tips to Getting to the Gold in your Numbers (because it's there!) and offer a BONUS worksheet with Four crucial steps to putting your numbers to work for you. Get it by clicking the box below:

Episode 5

We all want to make a change in our lives. I speak about what it's really like, from the place of smack dab in the middle of a major change in my own life. 

Episode 6

INCOME! This week I talk about the Three Key Income Components that all artists and entrepreneurs must know to reach their financial goals.

Episode 7

The subtle ways but powerful ways we invalidate our careers and work - putting a huge limit on how much $$ you're making.

Episode 8

This has got to stop. We chose to make an investment when we want our future to be different than our present. Recorded after waking up once again to a deadly mass shooting in America. 

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12