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Next Level Business Group


For women entrepreneurs ready to create the business model and infrastructure they crave so they are able to confidently run and grow their business without compromising
on what’s most important to them.

It is so essential for entrepreneurs to have tools in place that will help them make powerful decisions in their business, so they can grow and thrive. Tools like:

A clearly articulated business model
An income and expense tracking process
Financial projections for their coming 12 months
Easy to understand offerings and pricings, that feel great to share
Systems and schedules that support their business

But often, we go to set up the infrastructure and we hit a host of walls:

What IS a business model, even?
Thinking about finances makes me feel: confused, angry, panicked, bored, tired, helpless.
My client base is so inconsistent, how could I ever project out a full year?
My offerings feel all over the place. I don’t even know how to streamline them.
I want to raise my prices, but what will people think? Am I charging too much?
I never have the time to set up new systems. It ends up at the bottom of my to do list.


There’s two parts to this work:

There’s the logistical part, and then there’s the emotional part.

You try and address one part and the other rears its head. They go hand in hand, and get in each other’s way. So when you think about growing your business, you struggle to take the actions that might support you towards those goals.

You feel stuck and overwhelmed.  

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The Next Level Business Group is a hybrid private/group coaching program that equips you with the powerful resources to help you know and grow your business, without ignoring the very real emotional elephants in the room that can hang out with your thoughts about those resources.

Give Yourself: Community

A devoted group of like-minded entrepreneurs to brainstorm, get inspired by, learn from, share with, connect to and broaden your network.

Give Yourself: Time

A dedicated 3+ hours a month to focus on bringing your business to where you envision it.

Give Yourself: Coaching

Powerful coaching to help you move quickly through the blocks keeping you where you are and build momentum to where you want to be.

Give Yourself: Training

Monthly training and spreadsheets to help you understand and create the infrastructural components of your ideal business. We’ll cover business models, income/expense tracking, forecasts and goal setting, offerings and pricing, schedules and systems and how to make business decisions from core values.

Combining teaching, coaching and intimate community, this six-month program will have you diving into those areas of your business the have been lingering at the bottom of your to do list, and at the top of your heart for far too long.

At the end of six months you will have in hand:

  • Your business model - fully articulated - so you can run and grow your business as needed.

  • Financial tracking system in place for 2019 and 2020, replicable for future years.

  • Your business’ 2020 financial projections, quarterly goals and execution plan in place.

  • Offerings, pricing and systems to achieve your goals

In heart, you will have:

  • Clarity around your purpose and vision.

  • Renewed confidence and enthusiasm in your work.

  • Tools to overcome money blocks getting in the way of critical business decisions/operations.

  • A new network of brilliant, equally determined and engaged entrepreneurs who support you in your business and inspire you as they build theirs.

Enrollment now open for June 2019!

Here are the details:

Six months of ongoing support (June 20 - Dec 31, 2019)
Three calls per month:

One 60-90 minute training + Q&A call
One 90 minute group coaching call
One 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with Katherine

A private Facebook group for members to ask questions, share updates, download resources, and support each other in between calls.

Investment: $2000 paid in full or $375 monthly