You've been holding out on us.

You've got some amazing ideas, art, companies, or something else entirely locked up inside and you're not sharing the goods.


You're a creator.

A maker. An artist. An entrepreneur.
You do things your own way.
You're a bit of a rebel (even if you're disguised as a people pleaser).
You want things to be different and you want a hand in making it that way. 



But you're stuck.

And no wonder. 
You've been told that what you want is not attainable. 
That you'll never make any money.
That your life will be too hard if you try.
That it's too risky. Or irresponsible. Or unrealistic.


As a creative coach and consultant, I work with you to help you

1. make what you want to make.
2. make money doing it.
3. have a sweet life, too.

This is my job. I love it. And I take it very seriously. 
Because I believe that only good stuff comes from making what you really want.
Good for you. Good for your family. Good for your community. Good for the world.