Core Energy Coaching

We are energetic beings, and how much energy we have towards a specific task, role, or circumstance in our life affects how successful we are in reaching the results we hope for in relation to that task, role or circumstance.

Using the Energy Leadership Index ™ Assessment, I teach my clients how to identify how energy is at play in their own life, and make active choices that support a higher and more productive energetic experience.

Creativity is one of the highest forms of energy out there. If you are here, it’s because you are gifted in the ability to access that energy regularly. But there’s other energy in the mix, which may be keeping you from making the work or achieving the results in your life that you really want.

You know what it feels like to sit down to your work energized, inspired and raring to go. You also know what it feels like to get to work drained, agitated, and distracted. That’s energy at play.

In our work together, you will gain clarity in how to harness your creativity supertool more regularly and with greater ease. And get the life you want.