Know Your Worth: a mastermind for creatives

September 2018 - March 2019

The Know Your Worth Mastermind is a 6-month program (September 2018 – March 2019), developed for creatives who are looking to up-level their current creative business by tapping into their inherent worth.

Creatives are our world’s most valuable resource, pushing against the boundaries of what is, and making something entirely new. They bring progress, innovation, insight, perspective and so much more to our world. Yet so many artists, entrepreneurs and other creatives struggle with maintaining confidence and clarity of purpose, while also creating a sustainable, prosperous business that aligns with who they are and what they know they are here to do.

What would be possible for you if you really knew your worth.

Like, really knew it. Imagine:

  • Making more of what you want to make, without all the internal freak-out.
  • Pricing your work and services at a level that actually meets your needs and desires.
  • Being crystal clear about what it is you want to do and knowing that you are exactly the person to do it.
  • Being so tapped into your inner guidance system that you no longer question “how” you’re going to make it happen, and just…make it happen.
  • Attracting clients and collaborators that you love to work with.
  • Building a life that finally (finally!) feels awesome and fulfilling.

Combining creative career and business coaching, income model analysis and development, in a platform that powerfully leverages community and collaboration, the Know Your Worth Mastermind offers a deep-dive into three core areas: Confidence and Creativity; Clarity of Purpose, Services and Self, and; Cash Creation.

What You Will Walk Away With:

  • Tools and processes to allow you to quickly connect to your inherent worth and confidence
  • Energy Management Resources: learn about the differing levels of energy – what fuels you, what drains you, so you can make more informed choices that will serve your work and self
  • Clarity on strengths, passions, interests and experience and tying it back to why and how you do what you do.
  • Your own personal made for you and your life financial vision: no more chasing someone else's idea of success.
  • An actionable income model that you can adjust and expand as you grow that serves you, your family and your people.

What you Receive: 

  • Two in-person full-day masterminds in NYC (October and January).
  • Bi-weekly virtual mastermind calls led by Katherine Jaeger-Thomas (90-120 minutes).
  • Live video trainings and Q&As.
  • Customized Private Coaching, including four 1-hour private coaching calls with Katherine.
  • Private Facebook Group for support, resources and connection with your fellow masterminders.

Most Flexible

Investment: 6 monthly payments of $497

Best Value

Investment: $2497 paid in full