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Architects, Activists, Business Owners, Chefs, Community Leaders, Curiosity Cultivators, Database Designers, Digital Strategists, Movement Makers, Musicians, Parents, Performers, Producers, Writers, and more.

Some are working for others, some for themselves, some are in a place in between.

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Creativity: This is your supertool. Let’s use it.

Whether you identify as a creative or not, if you’re interested in making something new, you’re wired for creativity. This is a tool that can be cultivated in all areas in your life. We help you harness your creativity by getting clear on your vision, your process, your practices and other supportive structures, and moving you out of the “how do I….? and into the “it’s happening!” phase.


Prosperity: Spreadsheets and Soul-deep Conversations

Chances are you’re much more comfortable with one than the other. (I am the rare bird that loves them both.) When it comes to working with money and creating prosperity, we’ve got to get a little cozy with the numbers AND the way those numbers make your stomach flip-flop. If creating more prosperity in your life is a goal, we’ll use gentle but powerful resources to help you develop financial systems that support, while addressing what happens on the inside when money comes into play, and how that impacts your actions..


Joy: You get to be you. Wholly.

We’ve been told we need to deny certain aspects of ourselves to get to where we want to be. (These include, but aren’t limited to: our bodies, our emotions, our most supportive schedules, our desires, our values, our questions, our vulnerability, our stories, our truths.) But if you want to make something that works FOR you, that comes FROM you, you’ve got to get cool with you. Which means we’ve got to get honest about what elements of your business or career is someone else’s version, and what are YOURS. The good news is: It’s so much more fun to be you.


Impact: Inevitable.

Here’s the truth: when we stop doing what we THINK we’re supposed to do and start doing what we WANT, that’s when our impact explodes. I work with my clients to tap into their true desires, leverage their intuition and take inspired action to create powerful transformation – for themselves, their businesses and careers, and their communities.


Work With Me

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Working with Katherine has supported me in re-focusing on my creative ambitions....and I’ve made substantial progress. Katherine uses a 'double-layered' approach that's highly effective: on one level it’s about identifying your feelings about yourself in relation to your career. But then once you’ve identified the more positive aspects of ways that you would like to grow, she helps you to move forward with actionable steps. Our conversations have created a supportive framework - it’s subtle but there’s no question that it’s really helpful.

—Molly, Documentary Filmmaker/Writer