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Comedians, writers, chefs, musicians, business owners, performers, parents, filmmakers, database designers, directors, producers, empire builders and activists.

Some are working for others, some for themselves, some are in a place in between.

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Creativity: Make what you want to make.

Whether it’s a body of art, a social movement, a career, a business, a family, a life, I support the creator in tapping into what they truly envision for themselves, and making it happen.


Prosperity: You are a creator in all things. Money too.

It’s no wonder creatives hold some pretty limiting ideas about money and being a maker. This is thanks to powerful messages that pervade our society: the starving artist, the sell-out, the entrepreneur overworked and steeped in debt, the need to choose between family and career. These are rules that society perpetuates and we can actively reject them and chose new rules. I work with my clients to embrace the potential for and create a life of prosperity customized to their goals, values and wellbeing.


Joy: You get to be you. Wholly.

As creatives, we have spent a lot of time compartmentalizing different areas of our lives. Our art from our day job. Our business from our family. Our creatives selves from our money-making selves. Often, we feel like we need to abandon a part of our selves or our history to attain what we want. The real magic comes in when we can embrace ourselves fully, when we stop denying a part of our self and bring our whole beings to every aspect of our lives.


Impact: Your greatest impact is linked to your deepest desires.

Here’s the truth: when we stop doing what we THINK we’re supposed to do and start doing what we WANT, that’s when our impact explodes. I work with my clients to tap into their true desires, leverage their intuition and take inspired action to create powerful transformation – for themselves AND those around them.


Work With Me

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Working with Katherine has supported me in re-focusing on my creative ambitions....and I’ve made substantial progress. Katherine uses a 'double-layered' approach that's highly effective: on one level it’s about identifying your feelings about yourself in relation to your career. But then once you’ve identified the more positive aspects of ways that you would like to grow, she helps you to move forward with actionable steps. Our conversations have created a supportive framework - it’s subtle but there’s no question that it’s really helpful.

—Molly, Documentary Filmmaker/Writer