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Creative Coaching
for Makers
Who Want More

Harness your creativity, cultivate
balance in your life, build a thriving
business, and make a serious living.


You're a Maker.

An entrepreneur. An artist. A parent. An activist.
Though you may be quiet about it, you’ve got a rebellious side.
You have something you want to make, and you want to make it your way.
It’s time for things to be different, and you are ready to spark change.

You want more.

As a creative coach and consultant, I work with creators like you - entrepreneurs, makers and other creative beings - to build thriving, fulfilling businesses and careers without compromising on what they value most.

Creativity. Prosperity. Joy. Impact. These things are yours.

It’s a radical concept for most. That’s because as someone who's naturally broken from the pack, the maker has been told all sorts of nonsense in their travels: That the non-traditional route is too risky, that they don’t have a mind for money or business, that the chances of real success are slim, and if you are successful, it comes at a cost.


But these untruths come with a cost.  

Perhaps you’ve been successful in your career, but dissatisfied. 
Or you’re struggling to level up your business financially.
Or your current career or business is not sustainable with your changing family structure.

Whether one or all of these scenarios speak to you, one thing is true:

You have something new you want to make, and

This is the TRUE cost.

Those who make, make the world.
If you are held back, then we are all held back.

It’s time to make what’s inside you.

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